I have a northern flicker at my feeder, he has been here over a month. First time this happened. She is eating from my peanut feeder.......I have heated water so I guess she will stay awhile. Do you think she will head south soon??   Also have a robin.      Had one a few years ago and I found it dead in the yard from the cold I would guess. I was just wondering about the flicker. Hate to see it die

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Northern Flicker will overwinter at feeders. It's a good thing to provide suet in a hanging suet cage although the Flicker I had last year could handle the upside down feeder well.

Robins can handle cold well; many overwinter in NB. Food robins appreciate are thawed, frozen apples, mountain ash berries, strawberries and blueberries. If you want the extra expense, hamburger is popular as well.


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