My husband came dashing into the living room...Honey, there is an orange finch out I'm thinking it's a juvenile house finch..I am new at

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I think it's much more common to see a House Finch with this orange coloration, but I think this one is a Purple Finch.  There was a discussion some about this somewhere, I'll try to find it. 

I saw this striking purple finch, at least it was in the company of a pair of purple finches. Do you know what causes this color variance? You mention an article you have.

Gorgeous shot, Joyce!!  They are so beautiful...I haven't seen another since 2014.  I keep looking though.

The color is related to their diet.  Here is what I found:

"Krkampt's blog says:                             They are yellow variants of the House Finch.

They looked like Purple Finches, except the color was wrong. Instead of a purple-red color, the males had heads that were a light orange color. It took some searching, but I found out that they are a yellow variant of House Finch. Usually House Finches are red, but that red color comes from chemicals called caratenoids in their diet. Many red and purple berries contain caragenoids. If their diet is low in caratenoids, they can lose the red part of their color, looking more orange or yellow. That usually happens in the Southwest, where berries are scarce, but even there it is fairly rare (only about 5% of the population.)"

These are two different finches, mine and Nancy's. There is an epidemic of varients

Here he is again. Joyce

Gorgeous colors!! Looks like it will be staying in your area!

They stayed two days and left.  I was really lucky to see that finch. It was very beautiful . Wish I knew more about the how and why of it all.

Sounds like it doesn't happen often enough to be studied closely, Joyce.  A unique variation that we were lucky to see!

Tough call. A couple of features of this bird make me lean toward House Finch, especially the extent of pigmentation, but Dwayne is probably correct. Certainly an adult though, Nancy. A young bird of either species this time of year would resemble the adult female. Some photos showing the back and more of the chest and belly might help.

And listen to the call notes and compare with the CDs!! LOL

It was too busy eating, to sing any songs have to edit that audio cd..and find out which ones are from here.  It sure is done well.  I'm not sure what the differences are between house and purple finch...we get so many finch at our feeders.  I'll check that blog Joanne...the bird is a beauty with the bright orange, it was probably wet this morning too.  Thanks for the help everyone!

Just type in Purple Finch online, choose the Cornell site and under "identification" one can listen  to the call. Same with House Finch.

sounds like the house finch is having an argument...very fast...even sounds like it's saying 'What?' at the end.  I'll have to pay more attention to the orange one...hope it comes back tonight...

I have house finches, but this one comes and goes in company with purple finches and it is the same size as they are.


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