Can anybody recommend a Good "Organic" Commercial grade smooth Grape Jelly for feeding Orioles, Cape-May's etc?  Without High fructose corn syrup but a good sugar content.  Thanks

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I make my own every year... other than that, just buy Grape Jelly at a grocery store. Marmalade works well too. Provide suet for Orioles too.... I usually hollow some of the pulp from 1/2 an orange, squish it on top of 3/4 block of suet in a suet cage and fill it with jelly. I also do not use orange slices, but hang whole oranges or 1/2 oranges using the hangers that come with hanging plant baskets [which I normally remove from the baskets and replant in larger containers].

I buy the Wal-Mart brand of grape jelly. The Cedar waxwings are going through a bottle a week at the moment!
Thanks for the help Joanne, I'll take a look at the organic section of the superstore, maybe I'll find something suitable.
OK thanks Karen, I'll check the local wal-mart as well ;)

It doesn't have to be organic, Andrew.

I'm trying to promote healthy eating....;) non GMO, no glyphosite etc.


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