There was an osprey’s nest on top of a telephone pole near the the north side of the Burton bridge last year but the nest seems to have disappeared this year. Does anyone know what has happened?

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Hello Manon

I know of an Osprey nest in Maugerville that was handy to the Burton bridge.

Handy as in a few kilometres from the bridge.

This particular nest was located very close to a local business.

If this is the nest you are asking about, this nest was removed on purpose.

It was located on top of a power pole and the year before last, an Osprey didn't land quite right on the power lines and caused a power outage in the area.

The nest was removed sometime after September last year.

It couldn't be taken down until the Ospreys left for the season.

It looks like a partial platform has been put up on a pole further behind where the original nest was.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, however, the nest I am referring to was immediately to the north west of the bridge, far from any business or wires. I will keep an eye out for the latter though.

We've had some really high winds in NB over the last few years. In lower Jemseg 3 or 4 of the 6 osprey nests have be blown off. In the Grand Lake Princess Park area, 2 of the 3 nests have been destroyed. The nest the Great Horned Owls have used between McGowans Corner and Jemseg is just a wooded platform. Also yes that one on the north side of the Burton Bridge is gone too. Abnormally high winds I'd say ... can't be anything else.

They will rebuild. I'm going to check Lower Jemseg again today. Osprey should be here any day if not back already. They were not present in this area last week.


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