Partially Leucistic Birds. Fredericton, Nov 6, 2016

These two have been around our yard for the past week or so. 

The junco comes to the feeder, so not too difficult to photograph through the window.  It sports a white collar and four white dots on the top of the head.

The robin usually just flies through the yard.  Today though, it stopped on a flowering crab to check out the berries.  Stayed well hidden amongst the leaves, making a clear shot hard to get.

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Cool Danny! Those four little spots sure making picking that one out easy. Great to be able to do that.

Yeah, it is back at the feeder now.  The robin stayed in that tree for a couple of hours, protecting the crop I think.  Last year another robin kept other birds away from it as well.  But the waxwings and pine grosbeaks prefer the tree with reddish berries a few feet from the yellow berried tree.

So neat....we are certainly seeing more leucistic birds or there are more people birding, which is probably more like it!  Great find Danny.

Thanks Gail; I found it somewhat surprising to have 2 on the property at the same time, but yeah they seem to be more frequently reported by people.


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