My parents live in Southern New Brunswick and have heard this bird all Summer at all times of the day and night. Unfortunately, it has never come out of the forest for them to snap a picture of it. I was able to capture the sounds it makes the other night and posted it to YouTube. My folks and I would really appreciate any help with putting this mystery to rest.

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I suggest you check the call of Tufted Titmouse..... I'm not saying it is your mystery bird but is one that does the Peter, peter, peter call. They have nested in NB. It does not visit feeders until cold weather arrives.

It would be interesting to know what community/area of southern NB your parents live.

I've heard this same call frequently in the woods behind my place as well. It most often calls in the late evening until well after the sun has gone down. Drives me crazy not knowing what it is. :) Hopefully someone can figure it out. 

It seems one sound is a Spring Peeper... a small Frog..... yes, will call in daytime and after dark. Despite the name "Spring" Peeper, they can be heard anytime of day/evening+.

I've tried this video several times... have heard something different each time.

I had never thought of a cardinal. I had tried listening to call samples, but it's pitch seems off from the mystery bird. The suggestion or the spring peeper is very good as well, the sound is very close, but the only difference we have is there is no raspy part. The only reason I hadn't considered a frog before was the speed at which it seems to get around as it can be in the back yard one minute and way down in the woods a few seconds later. My apologies for the quality of the video as it was shot in the dark in my parents screen house so as not to disturb the bird and allow it to come closer to us. Thank you very much for your suggestions so far. The frog is the closest match to my ears so far.

Thanks, Ryan. Spring Peeper is the best answer to your query as most birds do not call both day and night.

BTW, I did not suggest Cardinal... one of the many different focuses of that video from YouTube was of a Cardinal.

I think I found the right video for a match:
Spring Peeper it is, case closed :)
Thank you very much for figuring this out (my mom and dad will be glad to finally know what it is).

You are welcome.


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