Janet Doucet found a Purple Gallinule at the water reservoir facilities off Golf Street in Bathurst on November 2nd, 2017.  The bird was present yesterday and again today, November 4th.  It was foraging on the lawn behind the second lagoon where the falls/culvert are.

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I arrived at dusk tonight but did not see the bird but I think I walked around the wrong side of the reservoir. The trail around the left side ends just before the waterfall/culvert so I would imagine the bird was through the gates on the far end of the parking lot just past the treatment building? Just be aware that there are two golf roads on google maps, the one on the west side of hwy 11 off middle river drive took me on a wild goose chase so don't take that one if your going.

Hi Andrew,

You need to go pass the gate - If the gate is locked, ask one of the guys at the treatment facility to unlock it for you (or walk).  The second lagoon must be close to 2 km beyond the gate and the trail goes all around it.  It was at the far end of the lagoon, behind where the waterfall/culvert are.


Thanks for the details Carmella, I was on my way home from Fredericton, when I got the report and just decided to look for myself without knowing any details. I didn't know there was a second reservoir......next time ;)


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