Has anyone else noticed the sidebar does not remain current ? It seems to go back to previous activity.

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It's been doing this for over a month now from time to time. Keep in mind that I always use the phone app. It may be better on a computer.

I use the computer for BNB, Karen. I agree it's been going on for a while now... kind of frustrating!

I've noticed as well ladies....and I use just my computer.  It has been going on since Christmas or before.  One day we noticed it had gone back to October, but I just did not comment as I figure others were seeing the same thing.

Gail, it's back in time as I type.

The situation seems to be fine now,

Sidecar with 'Latest Activity' well behind the times this evening..... VERY frustrating!

That would be "sidebar" and it seems to be up to date already.....  Gremlins must be playing games.

I've been having issues too Joanne, Seems very inconsistent as some times its up to date and other times it brings me back several days, for instance right now it's showing Feb. 14th as the last updates.  Something is awry for sure.

Yup, look for something current that passed by your eyes then rediscover it 2 days later. It's been going on since December without explanation or correction. 

March 13/17

That which has settled down for a bit and remained current, is now, not showing anything.

Mine started doing that recently, and sometimes doesn't work at all.


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