Yesterday morning (May 24th, 2018)  I observed a pair of Eastern Bluebirds around my wife's car.  The birds were perching on different parts of the car, mainly the side mirror, from which they appeared to be launching attacks at their reflections in the car windows.

This behaviour went on for well over an hour, and it didn't matter if I moved the car to a different location.  They found the car and continued.

Even if I was out in the yard, they would fly up into a nearby tree, then once they felt safe, down they would come again.  

I've seen birds attacking their window reflections before, but never a pair like this.

This morning, the Bluebirds are still here, but no issues towards the car.

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Thanks for sharing these strange interactions of the birds with their reflections John.

They were acting like out of a scene in Hitchcock's "The Birds".  The sad part was that JoAnn had just spent the previous day washing and waxing her car, and the birds made an awful mess all over it.


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