Here's a random question about our common resident woodpecker species.

Which woodpecker species would you say is the most religious and why?

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Quite the question, Ralph... can't wait for your answer!! My suggestion is Hairy Woodpecker as, if one stretches their imagination, it has a cross on the back of it's head.

The Downy has a cross too but the Hairy is bigger so does that make him more religious?

I'd say , "Yes", because frequently the Downy completely lacks the cross.

Undoubtedly some Hairys are also lacking piety but I've never seen one.

I would suggest that the Pileated Woodpecker is another contender because it wears a Papal Crown or Mitre.

Has to be the Pileated woodpecker - It makes many large holes in trees, thereby making it the holiest :-)

lol   Very good!

Good thinking, Danny.

If you consider the number of holes over hole size, the hundreds of holes stitched across tree trunks by Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers might put that species in the running, too.

I would nominate the Flickers as they appear to kneel and lower their heads in prayer.

True, Peter.

That's also an extra clue to help Identifying them under difficult light or at a distance.


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