We can add our yard to the many hosting a Rose-breasted Grosbeak…Edgett's Landing, Albert County. 

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Nice setting, too. Congrats!

And you said on Saturday you didn't have any...I sent one your way :)


Thanks, and I didn't even have to play their song.  

I'll take an Eastern Blue Bird in return! :)


He was around Saturday, we didn't see him today, maybe he's headed your way.  

congrats Dwayne..beautiful picture

 Hubby and I have been at present address since 1978. In the early to mid '80s we had Rose-breasted Grosbeak as a nesting species. Now only on occasion.

Beautiful bird!  I saw this Rose-breasted grosbeak last week at my feeder in Rothesay. I actually heard him noisily feeding on seeds before I saw him. He stayed for 2 days and moved on. This is my first sighting of this bird in this area. 


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