Two lagoons (fenced) on Water Street between the campground and the Dragonfly Centre for Autism. Can be good for gulls(best late summer and fall), shorebirds (high tide late summer and fall) and ducks (fall, winter and spring). One lagoon can be viewed from the Dragonfly Centre. The other can only be viewed when the gates are open. 

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I live in St Andrews. There is a newer walking trail behind the campground that goes all the way to Katy's Cove. If you go down the trail where it crosses Prince of Wales Street just past the Dragonfly Centre you can go south on the trail towards the campground and Water Street. Before you get to the campground there is a small curve on the trail  and on the sewage lagoon side there is a berm that blocks an old trail to the Dragonfly Centre. If you climb up on this little berm it gives you a pretty good view of the lagoon.


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