Nothing new in the way of birds around my feeders.

GOLDFINCHES, MOURNING DOVES & STARLINGS appear in numbers at irregular times.

A troop of BLACK CAPPED CHICKADEES feed virtually nonstop all day, every day except when briefly interrupted by human traffic or a predator.

1 or more WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCHES are rarely far from sight.

Somewhere around 6 HAIRY WOODPECKERS and a like number of DOWNY WOODPECKERS are regulars. One or two are pretty much always present.

2 or 3 JUNCOS are regular diners.

A few TREE SPARROWS pop in frequently, especially early and late in the day.

At least a dozen CARDINALS are faithful, appearing whenever things are quite enough and particularly in the gloom of morning and evening.

The HARRIS'S SPARROW continues to hold to the fringes, rarely getting more than a foot or so from cover. It most often arrives in company of Cardinals, Tree Swallows and/or Juncos, particularly very late in the day.

EAGLES are daily on the river basin ice & surrounding trees. This is winter normal. In particular they prey on gulls, especially RING BILLED GULLS that frequent the sewage lagoon just down-river, as well as COMMON & RED BREASTED MERGANSERS.
Rounding out the raptors this winter is a COOPER'S HAWK and at least one SHARP SHINNED HAWK, both of which check out the feeder fare.

The FURRY GANG has been active, as I'll detail in a separate posting.

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Great variety, Ralph! 

Where will you post about your Furry Gang as I'd like to read it?

Thanks,  Gail

I'll post here, Gail.

It was great to finally view the Harris's Sparrow yesterday after your confirmation that it was still hanging out, and our not even realizing it was right under our!  Thanks Ralph!


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