The HARRIS'S SPARROW was sighted today. It was only out for a few seconds but ID was definite.

As elsewhere in the region, GRACKLES are beginning to swarm my feeders, along with lots of STARLINGS and RED WINGED BLACKBIRDS.
There is still a good troop of TREE SWALLOWS and a few JUNCOS.
MOURNING DOVES continue to vacuum the ground. They are disrupting things around the feeders with their breeding aggression.
I'm now seeing 2 or more SONG SPARROWS, up from the single Song which has been around for perhaps a month.
Today also brought a dozen or more PURPLE FINCHES, up from the 2 or 3 in past days.
GOLDFINCHES are still abundant but down significantly from the winter high of 150-200.   I believe the heavy feeder traffic is pushing them out.

CARDINALS are around but erratic. I think that the near-continuous commotion is keeping them away, similar to the Goldfinches.

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Seems my Tree Swallows should really be Tree Sparrows


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