Saint John CBC today yields a Black-throated Green Warbler

A second Black-throated Green Warbler for the Winter List

This one, at a neighbour’s peanut feeder (and occasionally at suet) in Rothesay, looked quite weak. It sat in a corner shivering and will not likely last too long with -20 expected tonight. 3B8A4A30-CC0C-461A-8B9B-F1741139F444.jpeg

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One of those times when opposing thoughts arise as I read your post, Hank. A great bird for the Saint John CBC count and for that I like your post, including your great images on a separate post. On the other hand: I don't like thinking of a bird that's not equipped to survive winter, is struggling and showing signs of losing.

What Joanne said. Thanks for sharing the story.

I agree, nice bird but can't help but feel for this and all those late departing fragile birds.  I don't know if its just that more people are out there reported birds but there seems to be quite a few tropical birds that got delayed and missed their flight south.  Maybe all those strong southerly fall wind events pushed the birds further north or prevented some from migrating at all?  Something to think about.  I hate to say climate change but this may be the new norm for the future. 

Can't help but agree to all of the above, Andrew


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