Miramichi West (Newcastle)- the sewage lagoon in Newcastle is easy to get to. It is at the Newcastle end of the Miramichi River Bridge - just park by the water treatment plant. The lagoon is elevated and I always seem to scare the ducks when I go up the bank but there is also a trail (the Lagoon trail) that goes around the lagoon and from here you go along the Miramichi River and can also see birds there. There is an additional trail- the Strawberry Marsh trail that goes under the bridge and along a marsh beside the Miramichi River- good views of Beaubears Island - where you are often able to see an eagle. Most of the ducks at the marsh are not near the trail but you will see Red-winged Blackbirds from the trail and you may hear Sora.

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Does anybody know if the walking trail next to the lagoon, is groomed for snowmobiles in the winter?


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