Hi folks. A friend sent me this photos of a raptor that's been hanging around his place out in the Beaverdam area. He suggested merlin, but I thought the underside was too plain (not streaked), and the wings were a bit short/blunt, suggesting an Accipiter. I'm leaning towards sharp-shinned, but I'm not great with raptors. Apologies for the photo quality.

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The images strongly suggest Northern Goshawk (adult).

Thanks Todd!  So, if my friend can confirm that it's definately too small for a goshawk (i.e., if it's merlin/small crow size) would it be at least safe to conclude it's another accipiter? He's going to try to record a vocalization too. 


Another accipiter is possible, but I see goshawk everytime I look at it. One possibility is that there is more than one bird of prey in this persons area. As a matter of fact, there would likely be more than one raptor species anywhere you go. I would certainly look at other photos. My being wrong is certainly a possibility.

I am also in the Goshawk camp!

Thanks again, folks!



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