Managed to find the snow geese today.  Many Canada geese on Keswick Flats but found the 6 snow geese off by themselves not far up Tripp Settlement Road on the right (right after the farm with the silos).

Not a Lifer but the first time I've seen them since starting my list (also the other time all I really saw was two white blobs amongst the many Canada goose blobs LOL).  I'll try and post a photo later.

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Saw the Snow Geese yesterday  in the area you mention on the Tripp Settlement Road. They were accompanied by Canada Geese and a Pink-fronted Goose on Wed. but not yesterday. Good idea to scan Canada Geese carefully for Pink-footed.

Yeah, I didn't see the pink Footed although I think someone else got a picture at some point that same day.  Lots of geese using the nearby river island so lots of places for them to hang out unseen.

Very happy to get the snow geese though.

Lovely image, Eric. If the flock is hanging around the Pink-footed could well still be with the flock.

We will check it out

Thanks for the info,we went to the flats and got to see the five snow geese.

Nice to know they're still around.  Someone saw Brant by the river in Fredericton the other day but I don't think they've been sighted since.  I was wondering if they might have moved to join that large group in Keswick.


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