The blue goose was at its original address on the Back Bay Loop Road at ten o'clock this morning.
It settled down a mere 10 feet from the road was flushed by a passing truck.
From Civic #76 to Civic #52 is a devilish area to avoid spooking even this relatively tame bird.
The houses aren't set back very far and the relatively small front lawns run right to the road.
I lost sight of it but I suspect it has an alternate location in the community.
It did not go to the tidal lagoon although there is a flock of Blacks and Mallards feeding there.

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Hello. I was wondering if anyone has seen the goose in the same area the past few days?? tks

It was around until at least Tuesday. I haven't heard since then.

oh thanks much.

Check with Janice Harmon.

She first reported on the bird and lives in the area.
She may be able to give you more current information

tks i'll do that.


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