Driving along Hanwell Road south of where it crosses over Route 8, we saw what we think was a Snowy Own land and perch on top of a telephone pole about 7:30 pm February 9, 2018

Unfortunately there was no where to pull over and park to try to take a photo but perhaps someone else in Fredericton will see it and corroborate.

It landed on a telephone pole on the east side of Hanwell Road and was just watching the traffic.

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Wow Deborah......nice spotting! 

Thanks Gail, it was very exciting.  I noticed the huge wing span and watched it land.  My husband was driving so I asked him to turn around and look at it again.  We did and it was still there.  Tried to take a photo with my phone but didn't work in a moving car at night and there was nowhere to park or even walk there.  Wondering if it flew there from the pond by the Clark's car dealership on Prospect.  Apparently snowy owls will eat water fowl -especially at dusk and sometimes there are ducks on the pond.  Hope someone else spots it and is able to confirm a sighting in Fredericton!

Definitely possible if not probable as there had been one hanging around the roundabout between the two malls last week or maybe 2 weeks ago. Hanwell as you know is not too far away.  Nice sighting!

The snowy that has been hanging out at the Marsh Creek in Saint John was in pursuit of a duck the night I was there several weeks ago, and we watched the duck flying from the area towards the city center  There were many ducks on the banks of the creek when we arrived that day.  The snowy owl was seen there still this past weekend so he/she has probably had a serving or two of duck.


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