About my latest owl photographs:

 The SNOWY OWL traffic here this week seems to be a strong indication that, as has been suggested elsewhere, the owls are beginning their northward migration.
We've had at least 3 Snowys on the island this week.

The 1st stayed at least 3 days It was last observed flying towards Grand Manan on Thursday evening.

The 2nd was here for an uncertain period but not more than 12 hours and likely far less. It was last seen as a half consumed carcass being carried away by an EAGLE.

The 3rd Snowy was accidently flushed from among boulders this (Friday) afternoon. At dark it was ground-perched about 200 yards from our living room window where it had been since my disturbance.
I thought that it might move off when "our" RAVENS tried to harass it. When the Ravens realized that the owl wasn't at all intimidated and actually might be happy to eat one of them, they took their roadshow elsewhere.


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So wonderful to see the snowy owls, I went with Gail yesterday and saw the one at Pennfield, we looked for his mate but couldn't see another, do you think they travel to the Arctic in pairs?

Thanks for your comments, Barbara.

It's highly unlikely that 2 Snowy Owls would be mates.

They are just travellers on the same journey.  

oh ok thanks.

Interesting, I know the one that spent a lot of time at Marsh Creek is probably the Snowy that hit a power line recently. Noted another Snowy posted on Nature NB listserv in Courtney Bay today. Perhaps that could be the one you saw.

As Ralph indicated, the migration back to breeding spots is underway; thus rather than staying for a rest or a meal in one spot, the Owls are on the move.

The one at Pennfield, was thought to be there for 3 weeks.

'My' snowy owl has been on my property for the past three weeks.  I am not a 'birder' and this is my first sighting. He is magnificent 

Very beautiful aren't they.   

so nice to see.


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