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I've been scanning on-line since the 1st airing, Paul, to see who would be the first brave soul to broach the subject.

The lack of on-line chatter is deafening.

Well I find that people get alitte to serious at times, my hope is that the guy who posted the bird by using a photo off the internet to describe what he saw doesn't decide to just give up and not share next time.   That people not get over excited about who did what and just take it all at face value.   How many times do we hear a report go down and not see a bird, does that mean the bird wasn't there, no it means we missed it cause it's in a different spot.

Mark it up as lesson learned, treat people with respect even if it's not their photo and choose to enjoy the natural world and bring others into that enjoyment.   That's my look at it.

Thanks for responding Ralph, and hope you have a most excellent day filled with the Awes of the Natural World.

I think that you have the right of it, Paul.

We forget that there were birds, bird sightings and sighting reports before the internet, before digital images, before cameras. Unless we revert to shotguns and bird shot, absolute proof will always be tenuous. 

I just got back to MSI yesterday so lots of that "Natural World".  Terns are hatching as well Eiders.

Puffins and other Alcids are further along. Lots of young Savannah Sparrows around.

Enjoy your day, too.

I'm not sure if this is directed at me, or if I missed something. I didn't say it was a hoax, but I don't regret pointing out that it wasn't his photo - a lot of people were under the impression that there was photographic evidence when there wasn't. It does make a difference. I've seen too many people make up stories in the past to be that trusting. 

Anyway, I've been out looking for this bird a few times since it was first reported. I got a glimpse of it today in Lake Utopia, but it flew away as soon as I spotted it. 

It isn't directed at anyone in particular, it is a statement that we get over excited about the facts, when it should be about enjoying nature and bringing other people into enjoying nature.   Sorry if you feel offended, and I'm glad you got out to see the bird.

Not offended. :)


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