Unforunately, I didn't make it to the Sparrow Workshop that took place a few weeks ago at Rockwood Park. I thought this might be good for those who did go to apply what they learned and for those who didn't, some good fun figuring out some of the different sparrows out there in NB.


10 options, 8 pictures. I'm confident what 7 of the species are, but there is one that I'm really not sure of so I look forward what people think! (Hint - There might be two of the same species.)

They all are sparrows found in NB. The number matches up with each picture. Here is information as to where the picture was taken and what month.


1) April - Waterville

2) May - backyard (Woodstock)

3) June - backyard (Woodstock)

4) July - backyard (Woodstock)

5) September - backyard (Woodstock)

6) September - Grand Manan

7) May - backyard (Woodstock)

8) September - backyard (Woodstock)


I put all the pictures on my blog so that I wouldn't have to do any cropping. Here is the link:


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Nathan, a session of the same workshop was held in Moncton last Sunday PM. Interest for those at Rockwood demanded 2 sessions on April 6th and one Sunday afternoon on April 7th. I'm sure you will soon have some persons willing to participate in your quiz.

OK, I'll get folks started....# 7 is White-crowned Sparrow. This Sparrow nests in the North. During migration, some travel through NB and visit on their way to breeding grounds. This is usually in May, sometimes Fall. White-crowned is a large Sparrow ; if you have one or any drop in to visit, there will be no doubt as to ID. The crown of this species looks like it is wearing an iridescent black and white bicycle helmet.

well..."sometimes Fall " should be clarified: they are migrating South then.

# 2 is a Chipping Sparrow ... rusty cap on the head and stripe through the eye are the marks I look for.

#6 I'll vote for Savannah Sparrow. Kinda looks like Song but moustache is wrong and bill colour is wrong ... too dark to see the yellow in front of eye. Has little crest at back of head. I'd say it is Savannah.

So far so good (not that I'm an expert). I will mention that #5 is the one I'm unsure about.

Nathan, describe the birds in #5. Consider the date photo taken and then venture an opinion.

The first one in the photo looks like a juvenile....is that right? Then the others, what throws me off is the different shade of brown that streaks by its eyes. They're probably all Song Sparrows....although this photo is from a few years ago, I seem to remember that this bunch only showed up once so thats what I thought they were different. Maybe they are females as they can be tricky....

Song Sparrows have heavy streaking on their breast that consolidates in a dark spot; these birds are not streaked on the breast.

Well thats a relief. I was hoping they were a different type of sparrow. Alright so no streak....is it in the list I have at the top of my blog post?

Its not a Song, Fox, Vesper or Savannah.......

I think its missing from your list at the top .. I could be wrong but I think its a female of the missing one :)

Clay-colored female?


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