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St. George Marsh Report -- Sunday, April 15, 2018 3:00 - 5:00 PM

Good Monday Morning All...........

We entered from the West end of the marsh and with the raw wind we expected to find very few birds.
As we viewed from the West end lookout we spotted 3 COMMON MERGANSERS front West near the beaver lodge.

A small flock of TREE SWALLOWS are back and were flying low overhead. As we viewed from the lookout we saw a GREAT BLUE HERON out front of the Osprey platform. There was a few other folks in the area and they had a dog which entered the water and flushed the GBH closer to the wooded area of the West end. It took flight several times within a 10 minute period, but continued to seek lunch in the waters out front. As in previous years of my observing the Osprey, and hearing there is a bird that has arrived in Jemseg, I expect to see one or two possibly this coming week as they usually return here around the third week in April. A pair of bald eagles have taken over and are presently sitting on eggs on the Osprey nest in Digdequash (nest that can be viewed as you pass it by on Highway No. 1 to St. Stephen).

As we traveled to the East side of the marsh a PALM WARBLER was seen in a shrub along the edge of the trail, and then we seen around 6 in total flitting about in the dead reeds on the opposite side of the trail.

There were a couple of RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS on the North side of the walking trail.

As we walked the East side close to the Main Entrance we heard a SORA, which caught us off guard, and so we dug out the faithful bird app, and sure enough our presumption was right on. It called several times while we were there quietly listening, and then we continued on our walk. Along the East trail we could see several NORTHERN SHOVELERS clearly between the trees along the shore.

Also seen a red squirrel having lunch on a branch in the softwood canopy on the East trail as we headed back West.

As we got back to the West end of the marsh there were several pairs of ducks flying in from both East and West. There were 2 BELTED KINGFISHERS heading North of the marsh vocalizing the whole way.  We saw three AMERICAN ROBINS on the road to the parking area along with a SPARROW sp which we have to ID as it has some markings which maybe that of a juvenile species that we are not familiar with, but our first thoughts were a white-throated sparrow, but the markings on the head are not of that species.

As the marsh basically opened this past week it was awesome to get out on the marsh and walk to see the birds we did, especially to hear the SORA letting us know that it has arrived and will hopefully make our marsh its nesting home for this 2018 season.

Have a Great Birding Season Everyone!!!

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Wow, great report! That Sora is especially interesting. Thanks for sharing, Gail!

Denis has said it all, Gail... thank you for a report that suggests spring has arrived, no matter the weather!!


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