When I looked out my back door today something was bobbing up and down on our back lawn. I thought at first it was a ground hog but looking through the binoculars I saw that it was a bird but one I have never seen before. Unfortunately it flew off when I opened the door to try and get a picture. Google search told me that it is a Gila Woodpecker. It is a long way from home and must be hating this cold which is probably why it was sunny bathing on my lawn. 

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Carol, we don't have Gila Woodpecker in NB but we do have one similar, Northern Flicker. I would suggest that was the bird you noticed on your lawn. They are ground feeders although you can see them in trees at times; their favorite food is ants.

There are 2 species of Northern Flicker in Canada, the one we have in the eastern areas is Yellow-shafted, the one seen in western regions is Red-shafted.


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