Hi Everyone,

I am looking to purchase a superzoom and would like some opinions. The camera's primary uses will be documenting rare birds and to a lesser degree identification. At this point in time, I am leaning heavily toward a Canon Powershot SX90. It seems to be a quality camera and fits my budget (around $500). The Nikon P900 seems quite good as well, but is heavier and will likely be out of my price range.

Any comments will be much appreciated.

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Could you be confirm the Canon model, Todd.

Canon doesn't list a PowerShot 90 or a SX90 as ever having been made.

So i have owned point and shoots and I do own a DSLR, problem with point and shoots is that when you go to zoom into a bird and there is a twig in front , you can't control the zoom if the twig is in the way.

Maybe they have gotten better but that was why I will choose a dslr everytime

Sorry. The Canon model is the PowerShot SX60. Nikon makes the Coolpix P900. 

I already own a DSLR (an older Canon body with an L series 100-400). This is a lot of gear to lug around, so it often gets left at home. 

i understand, I had a Nikon point and shoot witha  50x zoom , originally for a 2nd camera when my canon rebel was on the tripod.  You know, sitting in a blind and having a camera set up on a certain feeding position and then something rare shows up in a different spot so you need a 2 nd camera for covering those situations.

Well after constantly having problems with the zooming into twigs and such I ended up selling the point and shoot.

Now I have a video camera as my 2nd camera, on the tripod, but it also has auto zoom but being that it's a video camera I don't mind as much.

Hope you find something that allows you go manually focus, that would be the best senario, my rebel using a 250mm lense, which won't work with teleconverters because of the way the lense sits.  But it's a good lense for using if you don't use a tripod.

It seems that manual focus is now a common feature. 

that's a good addition

.The SX 60 is a good compact but buying new will blow your budget.

I'd expect to lay out $650- $675 for the camera and a spare battery.

You could look at the PowerShot SX 530 HS. It's recent, 16mp, has 50X optical zoom and tax-in with a spare battery it's closer to your budget.

 Here's about the best non-sale price in Canada.


I hear and have read that most prefer the SX50 to that of the new SX60 in overall performance.

Thanks. That is good info. I will look into the 50.

The SX50 is no longer in production so be careful that any "new" camera isn't a refurb.   

I can get the SX60 for $520CA

They are going for about $525 pre-tax so if you can do it at $520 I'd say it's a pretty good choice.

At approximately 4" x 4 1/2" x 5" and 23 ounces (with battery and memory card) it's not exactly a pocket camera but it's pretty close.


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