This morning, I observed a juvenile SWAINSON's HAWK near Lac Frye on Miscou Island. This is located near Miscou Lighthouse. The bird was quite tame and was often perched on utility polls and on objects near the ground. I will post photos in a few days since I do not have access to my computer for the next few days.

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I went back to Miscou this evening. SWAINSON's Hawk was still in the same area near Lac Frye. Very cooperative and easy to see. When not perched on utility polls along the highway, the bird was on lawns looking for food.
You're making me want to head over to the island tomorrow morning if it weren't for the heavy winds forecasted and distance. :(. That's the 3rd swainsons I've heard about through social media in the last week. One on Bonaventure island along the gaspe, another in Albert county I think and this one. There is a great picture of the one from Bonaventure island in flight on the club ornithologues du gaspesie Facebook page. I wonder if it could be the same bird?
The juvenile SWAINSON's HAWK is still present near Lac Frye, Miscou Island. When I arrived there this morning just before sunrise, the bird was perched on a utility poll. I lost sight of the bird a few minutes later and did not locate it until around 9:15 am. It was feeding actively for insects on a lawn at civic no. 12862. The bird was still there when I left at around 10:15 am. It is very windy and the bird is harder to locate today. Because of the strong winds today, the bird seems to avoid perching on utility polls.
The SWAINSON's HAWK was present at civic no. 12862 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. The bird spent that entire time on the lawn feeding on insects. Cooperative and easy to see.
The Swainson's Hawk was still in the same area of Miscou Island this morning (Oct. 2nd). First spotted at 8:45 am. Bird was easy to see and very cooperative all morning after that. Seen by many observers.

Here are some of my images of the juvenile SWAINSON'S HAWK. Click on images to see better details.


Impressive hawk! Thanks for sharing Robert

Splendid set of images, Robert!

Superbes photos ! 

Ce qui m'a impressionné en le voyant arpenter le parterre à la recherche d'insectes, c'est son port ; sa façon de se tenir droit debout, un peu à la façon du Caracara du Nord. On voit bien ceci dans la 3e photo.  Aussi, la taille de ses pattes.  Un oiseau impressionnant.  Merci Robert !

The Swainson's Hawk was seen again today (Oct. 3rd) in the same area of Miscou Island.

Any reports of of the hawk today? I'd like to make a run tomorrow or Friday. Thanks


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