I stopped at the junction of Midway Road and Route 915 in Harvey Bank at around 2:30 PM today. I was able to get distant looks at the SWAINSON'S HAWK as it perched on a distant hummock in the same area it was seen on Monday evening and again yesterday. The bird soon walked a short distance and then flew to the left about 20 meters and disappeared behind grass and earthen humps. I did get a nice perched profile and then excellent looks at its long tapered wings and longish and slightly paler tail when it flew the short distance.


I was quite pressed for time so had only another half hour before I had to head for home. I drove closer to try to relocate the bird without success and I later returned to my original vantage point opposite the junction of Midway Road and Route 915 but had no further luck.


This bird spends a lot of its time on the ground and is quite a challenge to see, both because of its ground-loving habit and its distance from the road. A scope is essential.


Jim Wilson

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