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This is the original  photo before I touched it up. Not sure it will help but thought you might like to see it. Thanks to all for you're help. 

Hi Evan,

This was posted as TANAGER, but I was wondering which features made you sure it was that, rather than something in the blackbirds, for example. How about a moulting juvenile male Brown-headed Cowbird? I tweaked your pic in Photoshop and that is what I see in your bird. But, as always, I am open to alternate suggestions.

Oops, I just found the other thread where many others weighed in with their IDs. Well, I guess it is good to see that I am not the only one who thinks this may well be an icterid rather than a Tanager.

Hi Denis. I assume you read my first report of the bird and the circumstances under which I took the photo. When I tweaked the photo with my program (IPHOTO) the red showed up. I never really seen the bird with my naked eye and I do not have photo shop so it was a guess for Tanager. The photo shop copy sure looks like a cowbird. Thank you very much Denis and its amazing how the sun can play tricks.


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