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Hello Evan

Have any other pictures? This bird has dark bill and grayish back. If this is Tanager this might be a Hepatic!

Where and when did you see this bird and  do you have more photos?

Sorry no other photos. I was on my way to Oromocto yesterday morning and stopped at the Westfield Bridges to send a Text. The trees were filled with birds Warblers,Flycatchers Finches etc. I snapped a photo and when I looked again it was gone All the birds were moving from tree to tree. The sun was just coming up so when I looked at my camera I could not really see the photo. When I downloaded the photos I had to adjust them so this is the best I could do. I was shocked to see the photo after I cropped and adjusted the shadows on the photo. The Black mark on its left shoulder is a shadow I think. I never really got to see the bird, only the one photo.

I guess we won't be able to put a name on this one.
There was a lot of action in the last few days. Migration in now in full swing.
I got 13 species of Warbler not far from home this morning.

Hi Evan! I think this is just early morning sunlight reflecting off a very bedraggled and worn female Red-winged Blackbird.

Thanks Stuart...light can sure change things and there are lots of Red-winged blackbirds up there. 

Yes, Evan, early and late sunlight can be very tricky!

Even with early morning light a female red-winged blackbird should show some streaking.

If we are thinking blackbird what about female cowbird which is far more uniform?

Bill looks too fine for Cowbird to me. This photo may be one that never has a name related to lighting conditions.

I am also thinking Red-winged Blackbird.

HI all,

I only just saw this discussion after adding my two cents worth on another image (the original). Here was my Photoshop edit of Evan`s original and it sure looks like a young male Cowbird to me, but I can also see RW Blackbird as a possibility. Any further comments?

It could be a cowbird, Denis. I just find that all plumage details are 'missing' in this image and you are left with going by shape only. And the shape still says Red-winged Blackbird to me more than cowbird. That may be based mostly on the bill shape which I realize is difficult to judge properly from this angle but there may just be some plumage details visible on the head which seem to be possibly a pale eyestripe, darker crown and streaked nape which, if real, would also support Red-winged Blackbird.


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