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Stu, thanks, gotcha. Now that you mention it, there does seem to be the hint of an eyebrow, but what is real and what is an artifact of the lighting is hard to establish. It is indeed quite difficult to imagine the bill shape at this angle and all the other features appear too washed out to be useful, except for shape, if I am paraphrasing correctly. Thank you for the clarification and as Joanne says, this one may well have to remain as uncertain.

Now after looking at is carefully, I am going to "assume" it's a Summer Tanager. Although I feel the possibilty of a scarlet being higher, not the red on the TOP of it's tail, this makes me believe it's a summer, but other then that, it could probably be a scarlet.

Joe the red colour on this bird is the result of early morning sunshine reflecting off the feathers much like clouds at dawn and dusk. The red on the TOP of its tail is light shining through the edges of the tail feathers.

The lack of any indication of wing bars and the lack of white streaking on the upper back is problematical for female red-winged blackbird.


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