Here are the Ten Best Birds of 2017 as compiled by the NB Bird Records Committee.

Common Shelduck,

Brown Pelican,

Ancient Murrelet,

Burrowing Owl,

Bridled Tern,

LeConte's Sparrow,

Black-throated Gray Warbler,

Tropical Kingbird,

Crested Caracara,

Mistle Thrush.

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Well I did not score very high.  I only saw the Thrush and Caracara.  I did see the Grasshopper Sparrow but it did not make the list.

I did a bit better, Gary; saw Common Shelduck, Burrowing Owl, Caracara and Mistle Thrush. Grasshopper Sparrow has been on my NB Life List for years.

It would have been difficult to have seen Brown Pelican unless you were lobster boat off Grand Manan. The Ancient Murrelet was seen by only a few near Machias Seal Island, the Bridled Tern was seen by Ralph Eldridge on Machias Seal Island...he did get documentary photo or photos [not sure if more than one], Black-throated Gray Warbler was seen and imaged by Andrew Oli only, the LeConte's Sparrow was seen/imaged by a gentleman in Point Park in Riverview... pursued by many after that... did not show again, Tropical Kingbird was seen in Inkerman and Tormentine. 

The Caracara was seen by a few in Charlotte County and more after it moved to Shepody, then Westcock Marsh area in Sackville.

The Burrowing Owl had to have been the most photographed bird of the summer, unfortunately we have no records of it's visitors. 

The Mistle Thrush is the most imaged bird of the winter.... Peter Gadd does have an idea of it's visitors.

I managed to see 4 of the 10; Shelduck, owl, Caracara and the thrush.

Same 4... The Tropical Kingbird would have been nice but the others were only seen by 1 or a couple people.

I'd give our Grasshopper Sparrow an honourable mention. ;)

Me too, Mitch.


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