I think these are Mute Swans. The picture is a bit far back- hopefully clear enough to identify.

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They are indeed Mute Swans. When were these seen?

They were there this morning when we woke up. What a sight out the window!

I live in Moncton, out Salisbury Road about 4kms from the causeway.

The marsh is also referred to as Wilson's Marsh.

If you turn left onto Dutchill Drive (Rice Contracting on the corner) and drive to the bottom, there is a place to park and access to the marsh right there.

Ill see if they are still in the area at lunch time. The path is about a 1.3km loop.

They lifted off, heading west- but not sure how far- taking a walk at lunch to see.


Is the pair still around Saint John?  Plus one seen in St Andrews.  Could there have been an escape?

That's exactly what my husband suspected too.

I wish I had gotten closer for some of these images.


I think your photos are wonderful  :)

Thanks Gail, I'm glad I went a second time to the backyard to get a few more pictures- as they lifted off just at that moment. (and haven't seen them since) They were shockingly big!

Ducks Unlimited just restored an area behind my house not far from you so maybe I'll get to see them as well.  Thanks for the link below.

Asking for a friend: are the Mute Swans are still in the Moncton area, Karen?

We did not see them at lunch or supper walk yesterday - and they are not here this morning. We were just so lucky we got up early yesterday. They were there from 6:30am to about 8:30am. If we sight them again, I will be sure to post it. The wetlands here have been substantially expanded in the past year, and we are seeing birds and ducks we haven't seen before (although common once I look them up). Last year we counted 63 baby geese born and photographed on May 15. This year there are only 3 out there- not sure what's up with that. But it is a beautiful bird wonderland and getting bigger- thanks to Ducks Unlimited and the City of Moncton.

The baby goose count went form 3 to 22 overnight.

Just a little delayed this year.


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