So I've been trying for about a month to get a clear photo of this bird that's been landing on my fence.

It's a skittish one. I move and it's gone! I go for my camera and it's gone! 

But today, finally I managed to get my Panasonic LUMIX G2K - And please note, I'm not a professional 'birder' or photographer.

Looking through some photo's on the site, I thought it might be the 'Gray Catbird', but listening to the sample of it's call, that wasn't any noise this bird has made.

I also guessed that maybe it's a young one of the species... I'm guessing someone will tag the name to this bird easily!

Thanks for your help


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I'm thinking Grey Catbird.

Thank you so much for your quick reply. I'm guessing that your guess is right. Looking at photo's of the Grey Catbird, My only reservation about it being this bird is that while I cannot mimic the noises this bird has made on my fence, the recording I heard sounded nothing like the noise coming from my bird.


I would say gray catbird as well.  They have quite a range of mimicking songs.  I have heard them do quite a variety of calls within a few minutes.  Here is a link showing some of their abilities -

Gray Catbird belongs to a bird family named 'Mimids'; members of this family can have complex songs that mimic a variety of other birds. Gray Catbird also has a call that sounds like a cat...hence it's name.

Gray Catbirds are a warm slaty gray with a dark cap and a beautiful rufous colour under the base of the tail.

PS: I'm not guessing.

Most excellent! Mystery solved! Thanks so much to all of you!!

Happy Bird watching! 

Oh! Are they quite common? 

Yes, they are quite common. I was out looking around today in Charlotte County... saw and heard numerous Gray Catbird.

Most excellent, thanks once again! I've only just set up a bird feeder in my back yard, so far this Grey Catbird I've not seen at the feeder, just on the fence. My most frequent diner are two chipmunks, 'Chippy' a male and 'Skit' a female. She's skittish, thus her name.

I've also captured this little one a few times, sometimes with a friend.

Bird at your feeder is a Chipping Sparrow.

For the Catbird, I suggest you nail a PVC end cup to the top rail of the fence and offer grape jelly. You'll then get to see the whole family of Catbirds. 

Suet is also a great addition for feeder choices. Cheapest way of providing same is to buy a metal hanging 'suet cage' and buy suet at Dollarama.

Thanks so much for the tip Joanne! I'll give this a whirl and see if I can't get photo's of a gaggle of Grey Catbirds!

I'm sure my cat will be happy to know there's a 'Catbird' about too (not to worry, she's not an outdoor kitty, so all her bird preying is in her dreams.

I'm so very pleased to know your cat is an 'indoor cat'.

My cat ain't right in the head lol.... If she went outside she'd be out on the street trying to punch cars!

No, it's good she's inside. I've chased away many stray cats trying to take out my chipmunks and I'm sure they'd go after any birds on the feeder.

I'm hoping to get some video of the Catbird.. It may sound crazy, but since I took those photos, the birds been showing up on my fence with a greater frequency... I'd like people here to see the video to see if this might be a young bird. I figure it's either young or possibly courting a partner OR just perhaps it's regular behavior that the bird is lightly flapping it's wings.


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