At approximately noon, Eastern Time, today, December 18th, a bright adult male VARIED THRUSH was observed on Machias Seal Island.
  Since that brief encounter I've been unable to re-locate this bird on the island. Undoubtedly the nearly non-existent feeding opportunities and the presence of 2 Snowy Owls and a Peregrine would be discouraging.
  I think that there is a strong probability that the Thrush would make land-fall on the Maine coast at approximately 13:00 hours, somewhere near Beal's Island/Jonesport or slightly down-coast.
  My initial impression as the bird hove into sight, flying left-to-right, at 80 yards, was "Robin! No, Flicker!"
  The primary "fingers" were more oblivious than most robins et cetera.
  The breast band was visible but not particularly prominent in flight, from the side.
  The bird turned 110 degrees towards me and appeared Robin-like as it approached from that angle. 
  I was racing through suspect species and I rather expected it to be a ruffled Robin or just maybe, a Fieldfare.
  It landed 10 feet below and 50 feet in front of me, facing directly towards me. By this time I had binoculars onto it.
  After the full frontal view, it turned broadside with the strong orange eye stripe and throat giving the impression of a giant Blackburnian Warbler.
  It continued in a complete turn while checking the frozen soil. 
  Once I was sure that I could ID the species, I went for a picture (unsuccessfully).
  The bird quickly checked 3 more bare patches and was last seen pointed towards the above-mentioned Maine coast.

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