For the past several years I have saved a large bag of Mountain Ash berries for winter waxwings.

So far this winter no birds have arrived and so am wanting to 'get rid of' these berries.

Anyone is welcome to them, I am in Fredericton north.

Let me know when and I will leave them outside my front door

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I remember you posting a similar discussion last year, Tony.... perhaps the Waxwings are yet to show up. I used the Mountain Ash berries I saved last year for overwintering robins in March.

I did the same here in Campbellton.  I collecting quite a few grocery bags full of berries from a local treasure chest of mountain ash trees hoping to keep the waxwings/pine grosbeaks happy throughout the colder times.  So far the only customers are those pesky starlings.  I have not seen any bohemian waxwings yet this year nor pine grosbesks.  Not even a fly by.  I haven't checked up the hill recently where the remaining cedar waxwings were feeding but know that the trees are still loaded with berries. So my hypothesis is that they(bohemians/pines)simply have an overabundance of food further north.  Maybe as the season wears, and food depletes, they may start showing up.   Unlike you southerners, we are burried in snow!  The most I've seen up here since I moved here some 10 years ago.  Birds overall are way down at the feeders.


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