After Gary Dupuis posted a picture of a Tropical Kingbird on November 11th, 2017, which he had seen in Cape Tourmentine on November 9th, several birders flocked to the area to try to locate the bird.  As it is often the case when a lot of eyes are looking for birds this time of the year, several other rare birds have been seen in the area yesterday and today, November 13th.  Yesterday: a Yellow-throated Warbler (found by Karen Miller), a beautiful male Summer Tanager (who just showed up as birders were looking at the YTWA) (both birds were at civic #8, route 960, Cape Tourmentine), a Black-headed Gull (found by Stuart Tingley) (in the marsh by the causeway, off route 16), and a Western Kingbird (found by Norm Belliveau at Cape Spear).  Yesterday's Kingbird did not offer good views and its ID remained uncertain until it was located again today (flycatching around the house and sheds across civic # 436, route 960, Cape Spear) and confirmed to be a Western Kingbird by Gilles Belliveau.  Also today: the YTWA and the SUTA were still present (around civic #15, route 960), a Yellow-breasted Chat (found by Rose-Alma Mallet) (short distance north of civic #656, route 960, Cape Spear).  A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was also photographed today by Gary Dupuis in Cape Tourmentine and I heard a second hand report that a possible Orange-crowned Warbler was seen as well.  Who knows what else is out there?  Below are a few pictures of the Western Kingbird.  Although this was not the Tropical Kingbird that we had hoped for, it was still a good bird and a good learning experience to look at what made this a Western instead of the Tropical.

Notice the smaller bill:

Finding food:

Here you can see the white tail edges (not present on the Tropical Kingbird):

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Thanks for the detailed write up Carmella of all these fantastic birds!!! I'm living vicariously through these reports from the south. Things are freezing up pretty good here. ;( All those birds you mentioned would be firsts for me except the ytw.

You're welcome Andrew!  One birder there today got 3 or 4 lifers!  It was nice to see some of these birds still finding food around houses, despite the recent cold weather.  We had ice here as well in the last couple of days, although it melted a bit this afternoon.  

These are excellent images to show ID points of Western Kingbird, Carmella!!

Thank you Joanne.

Wow, great shots and summary Carmella!

Thanks Gary.

Great photos, Carmella, and an excellent summary of the exciting birding at Cape Tormentine / Cape Spear in recent days. 

Thanks Stu!  Yesterday (Tuesday the 14th), we saw the Summer Tanager, Yellow-throated Warbler and the Western Kingbird.  Today (Wednesday the 15th), we saw the Summer Tanager but not the YTWA or the WEKI.  Today we also saw the Black-headed Gull that you had found on Sunday and an Orange-crowned Warbler and a Yellow-rumped Warbler in the causeway, just before the big blue Jourimain sign.  Here is a pic of the OCWA:

Excellent image of OCWA, Carmella! 

Great photo, Carmella! Thanks for the updates.

Spectacular images Carmella as always.  Wonderful writeup as well.

Thanks Gail!  :-)


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