Unfortunately, no longer among the living. Found by Arielle Demerchant (or technically, by her dog), freshly dead at the base of a doorstep in Silverwood, NB, just outside of Fredericton, on January 24, 2018.  It is on its way to the NB Museum now.

I thought this might be a new one for the winter list, if it counted, but I see that this species was already posted from somewhere in the province this winter!

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Wondering if it could be the same bird Don Gibson had in his backyard in the golf club road area of Fredericton late fall.  Too bad :(

Certainly possible Andrew. I don't recall Don's bird, but this one would be 3 or 4 km from his house.

Don's backyard Western Tanager was on December 13 (2017) and I think he posted photos somewhere. 

Awww. That's too bad.. :(


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