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I took the Robin Eggs from a nest that was right beside a footpath, I zoomed in , took a shot and then immediately left the area so that I didn't disturb the nest.   If the nest wasn't on the trail I would not have approached it.   I've seen nests , and will take photo's from a distance but still will not stay long so as not to stress the birds.  

How would you feel if a photographer stuck there head in the window of your home, and began to take photo's of you sitting on your couch while your pregnant or better yet start taking photo's leaning in a 2nd story window of your baby in their crib.

Yes it's a wild exaggeration but you get the point.   

I thought the article made sense so hope you check it out.


The article was really interesting!  This Spring, I witnessed a killdeer doing the broken wing trick.  Such a clever bird!  Thank you for sharing!

A good link, Paul, but it doesn't specifically mention one of the more obvious signs: a bird with food.

Over and over I hear people gushing about this or that bird that "posed" for lots of photos or will hang around when it's catching insects or some other similar scenario.

They are completely oblivious to the fact that the birds are trying to get to their young with that food but the parent bird will not go to the nest as long as the human threat remains in the vicinity.

The article says, in part: As a rule, when the behavior of a bird seems oddly conspicuous or if you see a bird acting in a way you don’t normally observe, you might be too close to a nest.

That's sound advice.

it's a good point, that's why I like discussion boards, because they add to the original posting.  Thanks for sharing it Ralph.  Really with any posting I welcome discussion cause that's how we all learn.


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