PEI is blowing and washing away, too many of the hedge lines have been taken out to make bigger fields in order to grow more crops and get access with the bigger equipment.  In the spring the run off makes all creeks and pond red with soil.  

Noah was taking pics out one side of the car, me the other.  

Makes me SAD.

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Sad indeed.

I'll echo Denis.

When will we ever learn, that buffer zones are super, super important! I see this on a different scale almost everyday here in Restigouche county albeit with the cutting of our forested zone way too close to streams and rivers.  It doesn't take alot of rain to turn these pristine waterways into sedimentary catch basins.  The buffer zones they do have aren't sufficient enough and once again these trees become exposed to wind damage and fall to the ground leaving little in the way to stop the run off of water.  Sad is an understatement.  Sorry if I opened up a can of worms, but it's how I feel.  We do have some organizations working to help remedy erosion and really it is not a complicated procedure. And for the most part is beneficial to all parties involved.   We just need to educate everyone on what preventative measures need to be taken. 

Yeah, then there's the pesticide run off causing fish kills, fish kills causing eagle kills, a quick google search will make you rethink humanity.  

I hear ya Dwayne, can't help but feel frustrated and discouraged sometimes. 

That ever difficult decision of whether or not to "Like" the post.  

Will it be seen as a sign of support, or will it look as though I in fact "like" that PEI is blowing away.  

I see Jimmy has already taken the plunge.  

I will pretend that he has some sort of personal issue with PEI that dates back to his teen years. ;-)

Perhaps some guerrilla gardening is in order; everyone should drive around the island jamming willow branches into the dirt.  

DBiggar "LIKES" your comment.  


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