Just saw two small black and white woodpeckers - about the size of Downy Woodpecker.  Wondering what kind they are.

Is it possible that the black and white woodpeckers are Red-cockaded woodpeckers? (Not sure why the red in in the title as the picture in the bird book lacks red).  However, the picture is the closest to the woodpeckers seen.  (Next, I will take a photo of them.)

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Male Downy and Hairy [a larger Woodpecker similar to Downy] Woodpeckers have red on the back of their heads, females do not have any red.

We don't have Red-cockaded Woodpeckers in NB.

My bet would be that you nailed it with Downy Woodpeckers.

Red-cockaded Woodpeckers are "rare and very local", with a very restricted range and habitat far from here.

It would be exceptional to get one mega-rarity but two would be unbelievable.


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