New face to the feeder this morning. He stayed much of the day. Very smart looking bird. Ran out of deluxe seed keeping him happy.

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Awesome Sighting Karen!  Nice photos too!!! 

Wow lucky you! Great images!

Karen can you add one of your images as a photo so it can get 'Featured' .... on the main page under the slideshow just click on 'Add Photos" then someone can add this to that slideshow.

I put 4 or 5 there, probably should have just put one, but I'm very proud of him. Haha

Very nice bird indeed!

Grand sighting; it's one missing from my NB Life List...I am drooling!!!

If he remains a constant at the feeder, you'll have to join me here for coffee. He was here all morning yesterday and today. And yesterday he showed back up in the evening. He rules over any red wings, pushes his weight around. It's his call that is over the top, I've heard nothing like it.

Call sounds like something out of a horror movie... like a very squeaky gate or door. Bless your very generous heart! I'll not be up you way until Friday but will send you a personal message that will show on your email [can't answer there.. but can respond via the message that will show on your 'inbox' on this site].


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