A Y-RW appeared at feeders this morning and fed from the suet feeder.  Appeared to be very hungry, as it feed and was not timid of other birds at feeders.  Pic in the photo section.

Also had a glimpse of a Palm Warbler, which did not hang around for a pic.

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I fed one of these all winter last year. I fed it cut up dried apricots and raisins and hulled sunflower seeds mixed with cornmeal and suet. It loved the cut up apricots.  You have to cut them very small or it can choke on them. I have a place covered with a chicken wire screen that keeps out jays, blackbirds and doves.

It's fun to help a stranded bird over-winter.  I had the same type of experience with a Brown Thrasher over 2014-15.


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