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Interesting!  This is sure to attract some birders to the area!
A good comparison between Black-crowned and Yellow-crowned juvies is found here, for those who are curious:


Wow! One I'd like to have but alas am expecting company so trying to get ready for them.... [sob]. Thank you for your comparison Denis; I took a couple of min. to do so in Sibley before seeing your post.

Just a thought here Gary, this post should be in Rare Birds/Oiseaux  Rares. I do not feely comfy altering your post; all you have to do is hit on [change] in this post and choose Rare Birds/Oiseaux Rares.

Awesome find!!!

Excellent photos, Gary! I read about your find last week on the Nature Moncton Info Line and should have made an effort to get over to Shediac Island right away. It seems unlikely that it would still be there after 11 days. This heron nests to our south. Like other southern herons they nest early and once the young birds have fledged in July a small number of them disperse northward. Nova Scotia gets several juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Herons every year in late July and early August. Here in New Brunswick we seem to get this species only once every few years and they rarely seem to hang around for very long.

I do recall the post on the Moncton line last week but just didn't twig on it. On BNB, complete with photo, it was a wow[!!!] situation. I am unable to try for this bird at present but have a query.... how does one access Shediac Island? One more: is your photo from Aug 6th, [today] or from last week?

Thank you Stu for your information re nesting area, habitat and habits of Yellow-crowned Night-Heron. Any additional information regarding a species is invaluable.


Glad you liked my photo. Was surprised when I zoomed in on what I thought was just another Great Blue Heron to see this guy. I saw him on the north tip of Shediac Island (boat access, no charters) on July 25 and again on the 26th. Was there afterwards but did not see him (her?) again. Thanks for the tip on locating to rare birds column. Wasn't sure how rare until heard from BNB.


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