I have a Mason Bee house, 4 of the holes are now plugged which indicates those plugs are in use. I also know these occupied holes can be accessed by predators. Can one put a sticker over the occupied holes and remove it come spring? 

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Just saw this old post now Joanne.  Woodpeckers have tried to go in from the side of my bee house; so I'm not sure if a sticker would have much effect.  They did some damage to the structure before I put some chicken wire around it.  I had almost 30 filled tubes last year by leaf-cutter bees, protected it over the winter, but they don't seem to be emerging.  Now a new round of bees are starting to utilize the unfilled tubes and it looks like someone is predating on some of last years filled tubes.  Not sure what to should do at this point.

Thanks, Danny! I now have only 4 holes unoccupied...also not sure what the result will be. No problem  with woodpeckers here.

I don't have any holes occupied, but I just put mine up this spring. :-(

I put mine up last year. Some holes were occupied within a short time but there seemed to be predation by some sort of critter that wasn't a bird. Things seem to be going better so far this year. Fingers crossed!!

An update: All but one of the holes of my Mason Bee house were filled a few days ago. Yesterday I mentioned to my hubby that only one hole remained intact and that it seemed the predators were Woodpeckers. He checked today and that one hole was empty.

The good news is that now the house is surrounded by fine chicken wire. It's well out in front of the Mason Bee house, is of large enough spaces that will allow the Bees to enter and should deter woodpeckers.


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