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I just found an interesting potter-type wasp searching my walls (of my house). I've just started a search of BG when I came across a posting of mine from 2011 of an undescribed (by M. Buck at BG) species of potter, etc., wasp (Eumeninae). You can see the images here: https://bugguide.net/node/view/532210. I hope one of you can keep an eye out for this species!!

My new wasp is this one: Ancistrocerus.

Tags: Ancistrocerus, Eumeninae, Vespidae, potter, wasp

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Euodynerus foraminatus? Opinions welcome.

Ancistrocerus, according to M. buck at BG.

Well, he'd be the one to know; glad you got your answer.

Nice wasp Chris, reminds me of a Symmorphus sp.


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