Taken Oct 11, 2017 with Canon 500mm F4 +1.4x on 7D Mark ii. Handheld 640 ISO , f5.6, 1/640. Using Satflare.com to get exact time and location of flyby. It takes about 1-2 minutes to pass by, just look for a moving non-blinking light at the time stated on the site (Use the Hour and Minute buttons to move the ISS icon over NB and look at the time at the top of the map). Found that it needs to by dark out to view well but not too late as the sun does not reflect on it after say 9-10 pm.Happy viewing.

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Awesome Gary.....quite neat!

Thanks Gail! Just realized that Satflare.com has a membership sign on but http://www.satflare.com/track.asp?q=25544#TOP does not. However it looks like the sweet spot of the ISS going over our region at sunset is over, it now goes over the US at this time.


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