Found white cutting balsam fir (Fredericton area).  

A beetle so nice, Chinese poet Xi Xi would feel inspired to write about it.

Perhaps intertwining its story with that of a treacherous xylophone with a counting problem.


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Beauty specimen and shots.

What a neat little critter; looks like it's wearing a collar! Beautiful images!!

Rest assured I am no Xenophobe, but I have a question integral to this discussion. Pray tell, who is this stranger, if I may ask?? What a nice find!!

I love it!

A question I realized I should have asked after my response, Denis!!

As one who has observed this beauty in life, I find your posting eXtremely interesting.

Hmmm, see a hint in your post, Stu!

O, Just tell us what it is, E. I don't have the patience with People who Post Obscure Puzzles and I can't be bothereD to look up obscure literary references. Harrrumph!

Pope iPod?

Pied poop?

Lost me on that one.  :-P

Actually, E, there was nothing there to figure out. That's how deviously intelligent I am. OR, I could have made up something, but only thought of it later. ;-)


Looks like a Wood Borer, I see this from time to time.

I think I'll include answer links in the posts from now on...  

Congrats to all that got it.  :-)

Xylotrechus integer

Chinese poet Xi Xi = clue to initials; Xylotrechus integer

"...treacherous xylophone with a counting problem..." = sad attempt at breaking the scientific name into some sort of clues

I'll do better next time.  :-P


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