This neat looking beetle was 'hanging out' on my screen while I was looking for moths last night. I don't have a guide for beetles yet and can't find a match on BG. Please excuse my very bad pic.

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Aaah, Silphidae (Carrion Beetles), genus Nicrophorus. The orange on the tip of the antennae is important for the ID too. I am not certain (of course), but I would say Nicrophorus pustulatus, based on the info and images in this key by Chris Majka. Please see if you agree:

The Silphidae of Maritime Canada


N. sayi  

Hard to tell that the hind tibiae are curved (seems like the right one shows it), but the basal elytral markings reach onto the epipleura (eliminating N. orbicollis).  

I'm pretty sure you meant to say orbicollis and not pustulatus, but misread "Figure 1." in Majka's paper.  I suggest that you misread it because I've done it myself ~10 times....and will likely keep doing it.  :-P

Thanks E,

Just had a look and agree with my misread. It lines up a bit strangely, so I do make the same mistake as you at least as often. I like your ID on this better, too.

Thanks for your help Denis, and for the link.


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