Distinctive salt marsh stink bug (PENTATOMIDAE) - Chlorochroa saucia - at Petit-Cap, NB, on Aug. 14, 2012

Yesterday (August 14, 2012) while walking along the edge of the salt marsh at the dune in Petit-Cap I suddenly noticed this bug on my hand (ca. 15mm). It looked like a pretty distinctive species with a pale stripe down the center of the dorsum so I snapped a couple of quick photos before putting it back into the vegetation:

I searched and searched through the stink bugs (HEMIPTERA: Pentatomidae) at BugGuide last evening but couldn't find a match. This morning I posted it at BugGuide and almost immediately 'v belov' at BG identified it as Chlorochroa saucia, a US east coast salt marsh species. There are very few images at BG and they are all from s. Maine and Massachusetts. Here's the BG page:


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Great find!!! Seems like there is no end to interesting bugs out there. 

Wow, what a beautiful "stinker"! It really is very distinctive and although we regularly sample from the salt marsh at Callendars Beach, I think (?) I would have noticed this one. I will certainly keep my eyes even more peeled for it now.

John Klymko has informed me that this may be the first record of this species for Canada. He collected specimens in 2015 on Portage Island at the mouth of the Miramichi River and hasn't been able to find any published records for Canada. 

Wow, AWESOME, Stu. This is fascinating stuff. Thanks for the update! I am very interested in learning more. I'll also give John a shout. Cheers!

Neat stuff Stu.  You might want to spend some more time in those marshes this summer!

First in Canada ... exciting find Stu!  Sure is nice to find a creature like that. I'll keep my eyes peeled but hard to find a salt water marsh around here :) Also nice to hear about insects in January .... makes me dream of spring. Hmmmm maybe its time to see what I can find inside the car dash along the windshield!

You can always count on finding a few surprises between the dash and windshield! That's a very specialized habitat! LOL!

.... "very specialized habitat" .... thats priceless :)

Nice find Stu!  Beautiful markings.


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